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Snorkeling In Italy

Italy is a sumptuous country well known for its great food, wonderful countryside and stunningly good wines, but what about the snorkeling? Well, we...

A Guide To Snorkeling Locations Suitable For Kids And Teens

Want to introduce your kids to diving but unsure where to start? We’ve created the ultimate guide to encourage those you love most to...

Snorkeling Estuaries

What is an estuary? An estuary is many things: a home, a nursery, a filter, a buffer, a destination. Estuaries are a place of...

Snorkeling The Solomon Islands

SOLOMON ISLANDS a Hidden Paradise These islands were named by a Spanish explorer, Alvaro de Mendaña de Neira, who, on finding alluvial Guadalcanal in 1568,...

Snorkeling In Exotic Locations

Kauai Snorkeling: An Amazing Underwater Adventure Hawaii, particularly the island of Kauai, is most well-known for its beautiful coasts and amazing beaches. These coast lines...